Matti Nurminen, aka Outset, is known on the music scene for his live sets and solid tracks in the style of the Warp Brothers, Scooter and Dj Alligator Project. His music is a mixture of happy trancy melodies with pumping basslines that keep the groove going with a masters touch. His greatest dream is to make people happy through music.

Matti Nurminen has been musical all of his life. Even as a little baby, in 1987, his right foot stomped to the rhythm of the music around him. The years passed, and Matti put a lot of his time into music; he took piano lessons and studied other music as well. In the late 90s, he heard pop dance music by Sash! and Scooter and got really interested in this style of music. Matti decided that someday the whole world should hear his own happy and energetic songs as well.

Matti’s life continues to center around that decision, and his dream to share his passion for music has been partially realized.

Now, in 2011, after a few successful years, Outset has gained a great popularity not only in all of Europe, but also in Mexico, Argentina, and Indonesia.

This year’s goal is to publish the great ‘Stay With Energy’ double album and to go abroad for some sick gigs!

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